• Anushika Anthony Professional CorporationMakes Accident Victims Whole

  • Posted on August 16, 2017
  • When someone has been injured in a serious accident, they simply need help. It is not possible for anyone to handle all of the legalities and deal with insurance companies on their own. In fact, that is the primary reason Anushika Anthony Professional Corporation was formed way back in 2005. This team of attorneys exists for a single purpose; they want to make sure accident victims can argue their case successfully and get the compensation they deserve from those responsible parties who can be proven negligent.

    The skilled attorneys at Anushika Anthony Professional Corporation have been at this a long time, which means they can help anyone involved in any type of accident, from auto, truck, pedestrian or bicycle accidents, to slip and falls, to defective products or any other accident that is potentially avoidable. No accident victim should never even attempt to handle it all themselves, no matter how smart they are. In fact, attorneys who are involved in accidents themselves will always hire another because it’s impossible to get a good settlement on your own.

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